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May 7th - Nashville, TN

To serve the needs of families and children in Middle Tennessee through adoption, foster care, unplanned pregnancy support services, and faith-based counseling and psychological services with an unconditional, agape love.

The Wish:  
School Books for Jamal who has been seven universities!  Agape will be holding a graduation party for him this May and this wish will be his gift!


One simple way you can help right now:
​Support our wish with any amount you can! 

Also, if you want to make a difference RIGHT NOW:
  • Make your neighbor aware that there are thousands of kids in foster care waiting to be adopted. When someone you know is interested in adoption, ask them if they’ve ever considered adopting a child from foster care. 
  • Teach the community, churches, and government leaders about the at-risk youth in foster care. Many become homeless if they are not adopted by age 18. God said take care of the orphans. That means to help them until there are no more. 
  • Start an adoption ministry at your church or place of worship, and make your congregation aware of the thousands of kids who need to be adopted. 
  • Help children and families by donating to Agape. We help the lonely, the hopeless, the ones who don’t know where to turn, and the children who can’t help themselves. We’re here, with unconditional love for everyone. You can make a donation online at agapenashville.org. Thank you! 
  • Support Project MMH. They help at-risk kids over 18 who have aged out of foster care. Give a gift of hope to someone who has nothing. Help these kids find their way. Find out more at Projectmmh.org.  

(Jimmy Wayne, Recording Artist and friend of AGAPE)
Jimmy said:

"It starts at the grassroots level. Make your neighbor aware of the at risk foster child epidemic; innocent youth are becoming homeless. Then get the community involved in an awareness campaign to raise awareness about this epidemic. As a community, hold the church and local government responsible for for making permanent change. Don't play the politics be the politics. Don't give these organizations, churches and government leaders a choice and another way out just because these youth can't pay taxes or give tithe; they are important anyway. Do not vote for these people who are running for office and or vote them out of office if they're not taking immediate steps forward to help the at risk foster youth. Avoid supporting churches that claim "we help" but they have no program in place to help at risk foster kids Aka orphans here in America as well.
 God said help the orphans. This means help them until there's no more that need to be helped; not just at Thanksgiving scooping soup!"

Jimmy Wayne 
President/Barbershop Tours Inc.

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